My favorite bits from Good Morning

This Thursday we went to Good Morning - an event hosted by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship with focus on trends, innovation, and of course entrepreneurship. The event was a great experience and a well needed energy boost for us. Here are some quotes and take home messages from the event.

“Imagination and a smartphone is all you need.” — Richard Scase on innovation and entrepreneurship.

“In big corporations innovation is often interpreted as critique.” — Richard Scase on why big corporations are dead.

“50% of consumers use some sort of fitness technology.” — Bonnier R&D talk on the quantified self.

Another really cool thing was to hear about Bonnier’s new app Teemo which is being released in January. The goal with Teemo is to make fitness behaviors and behavior change more social. I think they will do this by incorporate data from popular services like Runkeeper, Jawbone UP and ZEO. I didn’t get all the facts but this is basically one of our visions for Viary. We love digital tools that help you get feedback from our efforts and it’s great to see that big companies like Bonnier see the potential in this field. To put it short: We’re on the right track!


Thanks for the photos Kendra Williams!

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