Introducing: Descriptions

This weekend we pushed a quite significant update of the admin website for Viary!

While the primary purpose of the update was to prepare the API for our new iPhone app, we managed to include a number of new features to the admin area as well. The most obvious one is the additions we’ve made to the statistics area, which gives you more detailed information about the progress for individual categories and behaviors, and the relation between number of performed actions in individual behaviors.

One highly requested feature has been to be able to add more information to behaviors, so we’ve added a new field to the “Add behavior” view, called Description. This field can be used to write a short description, instructions, or perhaps a link to a Youtube-video to give even more meaning to the behavior. Please note that the description is not visible in the current version of the iPhone app, it requires version 2.0 (coming soon) or later. We’ve also introduced a new type of behaviors, which can only be performed once. We call these One off-behaviors.

As always, we very much appreciate your feedback. We are building Viary for You, so please contact us ( with feature requests, questions and any bugs you may encounter – no matter how insignificant they may seem. Have fun!

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