€ 6 billion to optimize health care delivery

A month ago, I went to Amsterdam to participate in a conference that was held by the ICT4Depression project. The aim of the project is to develop user-friendly ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tools to enhance self-management and effective treatment of depression. ICT4Depression is funded by the European Union and involves seven universities in Europe. One of these is Linköping University, where I’m doing research on Viary. Because my professor, Gerhard Andersson, wanted me to get involved in the project, I went to participate in the big conference group, including researchers from Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Ireland,

It’s interesting to see how the field of digital distributed treatment is growing rapidly, not only among private players, but also on a governmental level, and how much investments are made to generate knowledge and research. EU is investing € 6 billion in health related research during a period of 6 years. One of the aims is to optimize the delivery of healthcare to European citizens, and that is what ICT4Depression is a part of. The project has already resulted in four publications, and more will come.

I think it’s great that Hoa’s Tool Shop is a part of this, both as a private corporation, and by generating knowledge in the shape of clinical research.


Photo: Flickr.com/justmuit


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