We create digital tools for behavior change.

Hoa's Tool Shop provides tools for a wide range of professionals working with behavior change - psychologists, organization consultants, therapists and coaches. We make your work measurable and more effective, and the client's process of behavior change easier.

Our products are firmly grounded in behavioral science, and the company is closely tied to pioneer research on digitally distributed psychological treatment at Linköping University. The research is led by one of the world's foremost experts on the subject, Professor Gerhard Andersson.

Hoa's Tool Shop is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Honors & awards:

Livvy is a tool for therapists working with CBT.

Livvy makes it easier for your clients to do their homework between sessions - without having to bother with forms on paper.

”Livvy make CBT accessible in a way that appeals to both me and the patient.” – Maria Lagerlöf, registered psychologist, Wemind

Viary helps professionals reinforce behavior change in the workplace.

Viary is an iPhone, Android and web based tool for professionals working with behavior change in the workplace. The application makes your work a natural part of the employees every day life, and makes it easier to remember, perform, and register key behaviors.

Viary is being used for executive coaching, corporate training for groups and large scale behavior change initiatives.

Recent updates from our blog

Hoa’s Tool Shop inleder samarbete med Assessio

Vi är glada att kunna meddela att vi inleder ett samarbete med Assessio kring Viary! Läs pressmeddelandet i sin helhet här nedan: Mobilapp för beteendeförändring bakom exklusivt samarbete Nordens ledande leverantör av arbetspsykologiska test och tjänster inleder ett exklusivt samarbete med banbrytande entreprenörsbolag. Assessio och Hoa’s Tool Shop ska gemensamt arbeta med det digitala verktyget [...]


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Har du gått i KBT-terapi? Var med och forma vår tjänst!

Har du någon gång gått i KBT-terapi, t ex för depression och ångest? Är du en flitig smartphone-användare? I så fall är du varmt välkommen att bli en del av vår nya referensgrupp! Vi kommer samla ett litet gäng som någon gång i månaden under våren får tycka till om den nya tjänst som vi [...]


We’re hiring!

Do you want to help us cure depression? Hoa’s Tool Shop is a Stockholm based startup building a mobile application for therapists treating depression. We’re aiming for an international launch during 2014 and are looking for a CTO/developer to join us full time! What we do Over 350 million people in the world suffer from [...]


We’re on the Life Science Hot List

Great news! We were just added to Stockholm Business Regions Life Science Hot List – a carefully curated list of the most promising startups in the life science sector, and in their words ”a tool for investors focused on disruptive commercial innovation in life science”. Check the full list here!

Skärmavbild 2013-09-23 kl. 18.36.23

“Practicing clinicians should focus on effects of treatment, not it’s content”

During this autumn Hoa will conduct research at a few clinics in Stockholm. One of them is WeMind. We aked a few questions to their clinical director Thomas Tegenmark. What’s your vision with your clinic? WeMind exists because we want to make sure that people suffering from mental disorders get the most effective and evidence [...]


Intervju med WeMinds klinikchef

Under hösten tar Hoa sin forskning till nästa nivå och testar om behandling av depression blir effektivare med hjälp av ett smartphonebaserat komplement. Denna gång sker studien på en vanlig klinik och deras patienter. En av klinikerna som är med är WeMind. Vi passade på att ställa tre frågor till deras klinkchef Thomas Tegenmark. Vad [...]


Participate in Hoa’s next study on smartphone based treatment for depression

As mentioned earlier our CEO Hoa Ly is conducting research at Linköping University. The topic for his research is smartphone based treatment for disorders like depression. By adding a smartphone based support on top of a regular cognitive behavior therapy treatment for depression Hoa showed how you could make the treatment twice as effective. His [...]


Hoa söker kliniker och psykologer till studie kring depressionsbehandling

For English, press here Vi har tidigare berättar om vår VD Hoa Lys forskning på KBT-behandling med stöd smartphones. De första studierna har visat på riktigt spännande resultat. Den senaste studien visade att KBT-behandling kan bli dubbelt så effektiv när den kompletteras med ett smartphone-stöd. Under hösten kommer Hoa att fortsätta sina studier, bland annat [...]


Vår app gör KBT mot depression dubbelt så effektiv

For english click here Sedan tre år tillbaka har vår VD Hoa bedrivit doktorandstudier under professor Gerhard Andersson vid Linköpings universitet och undersökt hur smartphones kan göra depressionsbehandling mer effektiv. Efter tre års hårt arbete kan vi nu berätta om en riktigt cool milstolpe som han passerat: I hans senaste studie som genomfördes under våren [...]


Our app made CBT treatment for depression twice as effective

For a swedish version of this post – click here! Our CEO Hoa Ly is conducting research at Linköping University. Together with professor Gerhard Andersson, Hoa is trying to make depression treatment more effective with the help of smartphones. His latest study investigated if the number of face-to-face sessions could be reduced if the patient [...]


Your own life as a research project

As frequent readers might know by now I’m a fan of Nike’s Fuelband. So far I’ve used it for dance battles and together with our tool Viary. The Fuelband isn’t the only tool I use to gather data.

Skärmavbild 2012-10-03 kl. 13.42.45

Digital tools for taking charge of your eureeka moments

Last week me and Arvid spoke at Tech Open Air in Berlin. One of the topics we covered was getting inspiration from the unexpected, and this is an excerpt from that talk. Most of the time we tend to think of inspiration as some magical thing, that comes to us when we least expect it. [...]

Skärmavbild 2012-08-27 kl. 23.14.59

Correlation is a powerful tool, so use it wildly

Last week me and Niklas spoke at Tech Open Air in Berlin. One of the topics we covered was making meaning of data, and this is an excerpt from that talk. At Hoa’s Tool Shop we’re huge fans of tracking our daily lives. We use scales from Withings to measure our weights, readmill to track [...]


SSWC and the art of hacking a dance floor

I recently went to Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC) a weekend event where some of Sweden’s top internet lovers get together to talk about the web.

Skärmavbild 2012-08-19 kl. 16.45.25

Replacing one personal trainer with two apps

”Why wouldn’t a device replace gym membership?” John Sjölander, COO of Burt and startup royalty, asked himself in this interview. Like my co-workers here at Hoa’s Tool Shop I enjoy working out, but I also want the workout to be efficient so that I don’t have to do it too often. Accessibility and efficiency are [...]

Skärmavbild 2012-07-07 kl. 19.30.04

Thank you all: This was Health Hack Day 2012

Last week we wrote three posts trying to summarize the weekend. Oskar was first out with a post focusing on the hacks and our laureates. Then my co-worker John and I wrote a post each were we chose three highlights.


Great coffee for great minds: Stockholm roast at Health Hack Day

Do you think your regular coffee holds up to the standard of a good coffee? Then you probably haven’t tasted the magical beverages of Stockholm Roast, a micro-roasting house managed by two true enthusiasts.

Health Hack Day 2012